Sport (nouns)

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a scrappy match - a match which is not very good because neither team is playing well
the first/second half - the period of play before/after the break in the middle of the game
an upset - a suprising result in which the person or team that everyone expects to lose beats th eperson/team that everyone expects to win
the runner-up - the person/team w come(s) second in a race/tournament/championship
a winning streak - a continuous series of successes
a course - you play golf at a golf course and watch horse racing at a race course
a court - you play: volleyball, squash, badminton, tennis and basketball, on a court
a pitch - the area of grass on which you play football, rugby, hockey
nill - zero (in football)
a field - the area of grass on which you play rugby and hockey
love: zero (in tennis)